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Modular Training for the Vaccine Development & Manufacturing Workforce

This project will develop an integrated and modular program to enable scalable vaccine manufacturing workforce training. The content will be suitable for training new hires and reskilling workers already familiar with biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Incumbent worker training
Talent/ Pipeline development
Project status
66% Completed

Industry Need

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the importance of vaccines and demonstrated a need for effective and scalable training to ensure a well-trained workforce to meet global vaccine demand.


MIT, Merck, Quincy College, and Sanofi have teamed up to develop an integrated, modular, and scalable workforce training program. This educational content will be suitable for training new hires, reskilling workers already familiar with biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and providing targeted and specific context to individuals in support roles.  

The content will be comprised of both online and hands-on components.  

Online – six individual modules:  

  1. Introduction to vaccine manufacturing  
  2. Cell culture and fermentation for vaccine production 
  3. Purification of vaccine products  
  4. Analytical tools and quality  
  5. Nucleic acid vaccines (mRNA and DNA)  
  6. Regulation of biotech products and vaccines  

Hands-on – two training modules: 

  1. Manufacturing a viral-vectored vaccine 
  2. Manufacturing an mRNA vaccine

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Project Lead

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Participating Organizations

Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC

Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC

Quincy College

Quincy College



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