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Online Lyophilization Short Course

Performance Period: 3/18/2019 – 9/17/2019 Building on existing content from LyoHUB’s “Lyo101” course, currently delivered in an in-person format, this NIIMBL project will create eight online learning modules.
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Project status
100% Completed

Industry Need

  • As part of a two-year technology roadmapping process, the Advanced Lyophilization Technology Consortium (LyoHUB) identified an unmet need for online educational programs in pharmaceutical lyophilization. 


Building on existing content from LyoHUB’s “Lyo101” in-person course, this project created eight online learning modules, together with assessment tools and instructions for a virtual laboratory exercise, to meet the existing industry need.  

The new online course blends voice-over PowerPoint presentations, video recordings of lecturers and of lyophilization equipment, and machine graded assessments. The course was beta-tested by LyoHUB members to finalize and improve the course before its release. Module topics include: 

  1. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Lyophilizatio (Dr. Elizabeth Topp, Purdue University)  
  2. Overview of the Lyophilization Process (Dr. Arnab Ganguly, IMA Life)  
  3. Production Lyophilizers (Dr. Alina Alexeenko, Purdue University)   
  4. Glass Transition Temperature (Tg, Tg1) (Dr. Akhilesh Bhambani, Merck and Co.) 
  5. Freezing, Presented (Dr. Greg Sacha, Baxter) 
  6. Primary and Secondary Drying (Dr. Ehab Moussa, AbbVie) 
  7. Graphical Design Space (Dr. Steve Nail, Baxter) 
  8. Quality Attributes of Lyophilized Products (Dr. Akhilesh Bhambani, Merck and Co 

The program is intended for operators, scientists, and engineers with limited lyophilization experience. In addition, some components of the program will be accessible to non-technical personnel. 

Outcomes and Impacts

Final 8-module course, featuring video recordings by leading experts in lyophilization, a virtual laboratory exercise and an assessment, fulfills an unmet need in online educational programs for workforce training in pharmaceutical lyophilization.

The online modules have been posted in open-access form on the pharmaHUB website.

Contributes to NIIMBL’s goal of educating and training a world-leading workforce in biopharmaceutical manufacturing 

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