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Use of Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA) to Expedite Media Selection and Optimization of CHO

Development of a diagnostic kit to integrate metabolic flux analysis (MFA) that can be used to identify best CHO media composition.
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Industry Need

  • Current approaches to identify appropriate media formulations for CHO cell factories are lengthy, costly, and labor-intensive. 
  • Industry would benefit from improved media selection processes and accelerated time to production


MilliporeSigma partnered with Metalytics, Inc. to integrate metabolic flux analysis (MFA) into a diagnostic kit that can be used to identify best media composition quickly and effectively for a given CHO cell line.  

To do this MilliporeSigma and Metalytics:  

  • Stratified a diverse set of CHO lines into distinct groups, each characterized by its own set of nutritional requirements 
  • Used MFA characteristics of these CHO clonal groups to rationally design and optimize media and process for each group 
  • Created a diagnostic toolkit that can be used by end users to pair each clone with a “best fit” media formulation that will maximize metabolism of raw ingredients into pharmaceutical product 

Outcomes and Impacts

Created a guided metabolic profiling toolkit that can help streamline identification of optimal CHO cell media formulations

Reduced media development screening costs by using a predicted "best fit" medium formulation for CHO cell clonal groups

Furthered understanding of CHO cell metabolism variability across a wide selection of cell lines

Increased ability to use this knowledge to improve media and develop better culture processes, resulting in faster and better methods to improve productivity of recombinant proteins etc. in CHO cultures

Demonstrated the utility of MFA as a tool to accelerate media optimization

Determined that nearly all clones regardless of genetic background have different metabolic profiles

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MilliporeSigma/EMD Serono

MilliporeSigma/EMD Serono

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