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Industry Solutions

Being a NIIMBL member offers a variety of opportunities for collaboration on innovative technologies, tools, and other solutions that can help more quickly realize the full potential of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. These flexible solutions will:

  • Catalyze advances across the ecosystem 
  • Help maximize cost effectiveness 
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency 
  • Accelerate process development and/or time to market 

Available tools and resources

Technology maturation frameworks

Technology and workforce testbed

  • NIIMBL-BioPhorum Buffer Stock Blending System: A system designed, built, and tested to deliver buffer stock on-demand at a commercial scale, with significant cost savings in labor and cost per liter.
  • NIIMBL eXperience: Hands-on, expenses-paid week-long program for college students to gain real-world insight into biopharmaceutical manufacturing careers.
  • Faculty Fellows program: Opportunity for faculty or instructional staff at universities and community colleges to pursue a sabbatical in industry or at NIIMBL’s Headquarters.

Technology strategies and case studies

  • N-mAb: Shared expectations and vocabulary around a control strategy for an integrated continuous bioprocess for a hypothetical monoclonal antibody.
  • Project A-Gene and Project A-Cell: NIIMBL and Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) collaborations related to incorporating Quality by Design (QbD) principles into cell and gene therapies.
  • NIIMBL Roadmaps: Synthesis of manufacturing needs and a vision of the future for three key topic areas: Vaccines, Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) and Bispecific Antibodies, and Gene Therapies.
  • Case Studies: Summaries and highlights of completed technology and workforce projects

Additional NIIMBL Initiatives

NIIMBL-led Programs

Project Call Program

Workforce Development

Become a member

We offer a variety of membership options that give you the flexibility to choose your organization’s level of engagement based on technology interests and priorities.

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