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NIIMBL Roadmaps

NIIMBL technology roadmaps propose solutions to critical manufacturing challenges in three key topic areas: Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) and Bispecific Antibodies, Gene Therapies, and Vaccines.

About the roadmapping process

The Institute convened subject matter experts from industry, academic institutions, non-profits, and federal agencies to survey the current landscape and identify areas of opportunity for each of these product classes. The process also included participants focused on workforce development and regulatory considerations.

  • The diversity of stakeholders ensured a wide range of perspectives from across the ecosystem.
  • The process was facilitated by the BioPhorum Operations Group.

NIIMBL’s industry roadmap efforts will continue as we address additional topics.  

Download the roadmaps

Future roadmapping plans

Our industry roadmap efforts will continue as we address additional topics.

  • Experts from NIIMBL member and non-member organizations are invited to contribute.
  • If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Become a member

We offer a variety of membership options that give you the flexibility to choose your organization’s level of engagement based on technology interests and priorities.

ADC/Bispecific Antibody Roadmap

NIIMBL ADC/Bispecific Antibody Roadmap

NIIMBL Gene Therapy Roadmap

NIIMBL Gene Therapy Roadmap Overview

NIIMBL Vaccines Roadmap

NIIMBL Vaccine Roadmap Overview

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