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NIIMBL bioLOGIC is a project-based learning program developed by NIIMBL that focuses on three pillars:

  1. Engagement with advanced technologies
  2. Familiarization with the principles of entrepreneurship
  3. Exposure to education and career pathways that lead into the advanced manufacturing sector

These focus areas are wrapped around a student-led, design-thinking approach that allows participants to concentrate on a problem area that holds real meaning for them and apply what they learn about technology and entrepreneurship to a real-world challenge.

Stakeholder Benefits

NIIMBL bioLOGIC’s collaborative approach to education, entrepreneurship, and technology is helping students engage with career pathways at an early stage and actively building the STEM pipeline. The NIIMBL bioLOGIC program creates a win for all stakeholders, including:

High Schools

  • Exposes youth to real-world problems
  • Uses a project-based learning approach to blend STEM focus areas and entrepreneurship
  • Further develops students’ personal skills, including initiative and adaptability
  • Expands students’ professional skills, including teamwork and communication
  • Better informs staff and faculty about advanced manufacturing

Colleges & Universities

  • Expands new enrollment at no incremental acquisition cost
  • Increases the quality and quantity of high school enrollments
  • Creates additional pathways for educational and career opportunities
  • Links college and university STEM focus areas to a Manufacturing USA Institute


  • Expands awareness and interest in advanced manufacturing
  • Reduces hiring expenses via a direct channel to qualified resources for both internship and longterm workforce requirements
  • Increases community exposure through relationships with local high schools and colleges/universities


  • Facilitates the creation of a nationally competitive talent pool prepared to tackle society-wide technology challenges
  • Leverages federal, state, and local resources to increase student awareness in STEM occupations
  • Motivates students to pursue STEM education pathways via regional and state education systems
  • Provides students a government-sponsored activity that develops disciplinary-based knowledge and promotes critical thinking, reasoning, and communications skills
  • Provides a scalable platform that all levels of government can engage with and support


During the program, students will work in teams of 4–6 to:

  • Identify a real-world problem
  • Conceptualize an advanced product solution
  • Create a business model around the product
  • Build a pitch deck and 3-4 minute pitch they will deliver to a panel of representatives in a professional-style setting

The NIIMBL bioLOGIC™ program is designed to be easily integrated into an existing class structure, allowing the classroom instructor to accommodate their own learning objectives.

  • The program is completely course agnostic, and the agile curriculum works in a range of classes, including English, Economics, Biology, Business, and Technology courses.
  • Teachers can insert their own learning objectives (technical or otherwise) to support their subject material. 

Get Involved

To learn more about the NIIMBL bioLOGIC program, contact NIIMBL Workforce Director, John Balchunas

Contact John Balchunas

Contact John Balchunas