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Member Insights: Value of NIIMBL Membership

Gaining Insights into Industry Needs
Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration
The Power of Strong Collaboration
Training the Biopharma Workforce to Meet New Challenges
Providing Space to Build a Better Future and Accelerate Talent Growth
The Heart of our Work is People
Addressing Opportunities through Collaboration
Bringing Life-saving and Life-enhancing Therapies to Patients
Collaboration & Innovation: Advancing Biomanufacturing to Bring Treatments to Patients Faster
Precompetitive Innovation
Developing the Biopharmaceutical Workforce in the U.S.
Celebrating NIIMBL Members

American Rescue Plan

Development of Scalable, Thermostable, Spray Dried Vaccine Formulations for Coronavirus Vaccines

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A New Generation of High-efficiency HVAC Filters that Can Be Used with Existing Infrastructure to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Through Recirculation of Air
Development of a Thermo-tolerant, Multidose, Egg-produced, Vector-based Coronavirus Vaccine

Funding Opportunities

Project Call 7.1 Overview (June 2023) (webinar)
Project Call 7.1 Submission Requirements (June 2023) (webinar)
 Project Call 7.1 Concept Evaluation (June 2023) (webinar)
Project Call 6.1 Pre-proposal Stage Webinar (September 6, 2022) (webinar)
Project Call 4.1 Concept Stage Webinar (October 2, 2020) (webinar)
NIIMBL COVID-19 Funding Webinar (April 3, 2020) (webinar)
Project Call 3.1 Full Proposal Webinar (December 10, 2019) (webinar)
NIIMBL Project Call 3.1 Concept State Webinar (July 23, 2019) (webinar)
NIIMBL Project Call 3.1
NIIMBL Project Call 2.2 Proposal Webinar (March 27, 2019) (webinar)

Workforce Development

NIIMBL eXperience 2024 Listening Session & Office Hours
NIIMBL eXperience - Biopharma is an exciting space with a lot of variety
Developing the Biopharmaceutical Workforce in the U.S.
Providing Space to Build a Better Future and Accelerate Talent Growth
Training the Biopharma Workforce to Meet New Challenges

NIIMBL-led Programs

Open-source Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Ontology (March 20, 2024) (webinar)
NIIMBL Vaccines Manufacturing Initiative (March 8, 2023) (webinar)
NIIMBL Big Data - End to End Automated Glycan Analytical Platform (February 22, 2023) (webinar)
NIIMBL Big Data Biomanufacturing Process Ontology Webinar (March 1, 2023) (webinar)
Big Data Analytics Program (November 16, 2022) (webinar)
NIIMBL Process Intensification Program (February 15, 2023) (webinar)
Viral Vector Manufacturing and Analytics (November 30, 2022) (webinar)

Industry Solutions

Biomanufacturing Readiness Levels (December 14, 2022) (webinar)
Introduction to N-mAb (December 7, 2022) (webinar)
Robotics & Automation in Bioprocesses Roadmapping Webinar (webinar)

National Meetings

2019 NIIMBL National Meeting
NIIMBL 2022 National Meeting


NIIMBL - What is biomanufacturing?

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