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ACPHS Career/Employer Services

The following person has been identified as a key point of contact for inquiries regarding career and employment services at this institution: Linda Roberts, Career and Employer Relations Coordinator

Quality by Design and Process Analytical Technologies

This course will take attendees through the journey of classroom presentations and case studies so that they will be prepared to participate in QbD activities related to a biotech product.

Principles of Biomanufacturing

A novel course specifically designed for pharmacists and health science professionals; giving you the fundamentals of biomanufacturing: upstream and downstream processing, QA/QC, and regulatory guidelines through online lectures followed by hands-on labs.

Separation & Purification of Biological Products

This downstream training program in separation and purification can strengthen the skills of current employees as well as offer a knowledge pathway to others who could join your team.

Microbial Fermentation & Recombinant Protein Production

This hands-on training program will emphasize laboratory work on advances in fermenter design, fermentation regimes, scale-up/scale-down strategies, process analytical technology tools and process intensification techniques.

Mammalian Cell Culture Training Program

This five-day intensive, hands-on training course will offer a comprehensive overview of upstream processing of mammalian cell systems utilized by biopharmaceutical companies today.

MS Degree in Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing

The accelerated one-year master’s in biomanufacturing and bioprocessing at ACPHS is a great fit for early- and mid-career professionals who want to enter the biopharmaceutical industry.

Advanced Industrial Bioprocessing (UMass Lowell, Virtual, October 5-November 6, 2020)

The trainees will learn key principles and concepts of industrial bioprocessing of protein, cell and gene therapies. The course covers recent technologies and practices of upstream, downstream and analytical bioprocessing technologies.

Cellular Bioprocess Technology Short Course

A professional training course aimed to teach essential knowledge in cell biology, molecular genetics and the engineering principles in bioprocess operations that can constrain and amplify biological potential of cell culture process.

Preservation of cellular therapies: a professional short course

The course material includes both fundamentals on preservation as well as emerging issues and approaches.

Advanced Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Program comprised of 5 self-paced online courses and 2 weeks of hands-on training at NCTM covering aseptic microbial/mammalian cell processing w/fixed and single-use fermentation & purification systems, QA/QC, monitoring, and documentation/lab practices.

Cellular Therapies Certificate Program

AABB has partnered with The George Washington University (GW) to offer biomedical-healthcare professionals a certificate program in cellular therapies. The program consists of 12 professionally narrated online modules developed by faculty experts.

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