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Workforce Development

NIIMBL strives to build national capacity to meet the talent acquisition, training, and workforce development needs of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing ecosystem by catalyzing collaboration, partnership, and utilization of education and training resources.

The NIIMBL approach: strengthening the U.S. biopharmaceutical workforce

NIIMBL’s workforce development initiatives are informed and overseen by the NIIMBL Workforce Activities Committee (WAC), led by the NIIMBL Workforce Director and four appointed co-chairs. Composed of representatives from nearly every NIIMBL member organization, the WAC is uniquely positioned to help NIIMBL understand and address the evolving needs of the domestic biopharmaceutical sector.

  • Increase interest in biopharma manufacturing careers
  • Hire from diverse talent pipelines
  • Advance non-traditional pathways
  • Develop online and in-person trainings
  • Catalyze cross-regional collaboration

Opportunities and initiatives

Strategy and Leadership

NIIMBL is working to jumpstart a national conversation and begin driving systems change around novel talent pipeline approaches.

Connecting Industry to Talent
Through virtual career fairs,  a job board, and other networking opportunities, industry members can engage talent within NIIMBL’s robust community of universities, community colleges, and industry members.
NIIMBL eXperience

To encourage diversity in the biopharmaceutical industry, NIIMBL offers this hands-on, expenses-paid week-long program for college freshmen and sophomores to gain real-world insight into career possibilities in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. 


This entrepreneurship-based outreach curriculum is designed to get high school students thinking about biopharmaceutical manufacturing careers. 

Faculty Fellows Program

Opportunity for faculty or instructional staff at universities and community colleges to pursue a sabbatical either at an industry member company or at NIIMBL’s Headquarters.  

Workforce Projects

NIIMBL’s growing portfolio of workforce projects allow us to pilot, expand, and build education, training, and talent development capacity nationally. 

Education and Training Resources Database

NIIMBL’s member community is home to the vast majority of the nation’s resources for biopharmaceutical manufacturing-specific education, training, and talent development. 

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