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NIIMBL Launches Education, Training, Facilities, and Equipment Resources






NIIMBL recently rolled out two new tools to the member community enabling users to identify, share, and promote Education & Training Resources as well as Facilities & Equipment Resources. These new databases are located in the Community Portal and provide a detailed listing of training, education, facilities, and equipment offered by the NIIMBL member community.


Members can search based on several criteria including keywords, relevant technologies, and location. These tools are being rolled out exclusively for NIIMBL members and can be accessed by logging into the NIIMBL Community Portal.


NIIMBL encourages members to add their organization’s offerings to these databases. Log in to the Community Portal and click the Resources link in the navigation bar (this may be located under the More option for some users).


In the coming weeks, NIIMBL will send out additional information to help members become familiar with these tools and communicate the value of these tools to others within their organization. If you have any questions or have suggestions on how to enhance the functionality of these resources, feel free to reach out to Kathie Young at

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