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“Science + Innovation Awards inspired by Manufacturing USA” Moves to Network TV!


Science innovation awards


Earlier this year, the creators of the Teen Choice Awards announced their partnership with Manufacturing USA to honor rising leaders in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) through the first-ever Science + Innovation Awards inspired by Manufacturing USA.

Due to growing excitement from around the nation, we are excited to announce that the Science + Innovation Awards inspired by Manufacturing USA will broadcast nationwide on network television this Fall!

 The Science + Innovation Awardsis a multi-media, interactive extravaganza where pop culture meets science and technology. The inaugural show will feature appearances by Hollywood’s biggest sci-fi stars and STEAM celebrities, salutes to the world’s coolest science icons, tech-infused music performances, and awards to outstanding young innovators.

As part of the Manufacturing USA network of 14 public-private institutes, NIIMBL is excited to participate in honoring innovative American leaders.

The future of manufacturing in the United States lies in the hands of next generation scientists, engineers, and manufacturers. Through collaborating on the 2018 Science + Innovation Awards, NIIMBL and the other Manufacturing USA institutes pursue their mission to:

  • Demonstrate to rising leaders how their passions and hard work are shaping the future of the United States
  •  Honor those scientists and mentors across the Nation that are actively securing the future of manufacturing through innovation, education, and collaboration
  • Unveil how cool manufacturing really is so folks across America will join the innovation revolution  


“With the Science + Innovation Awards, Manufacturing USA intends to demonstrate how the passion and hard work of rising innovators are shaping the future of the United States. This event is a unique opportunity for the 14 Manufacturing USA institutes to show off their exciting work and encourage folks across America to join the innovation revolution.” said Mike Molnar, Director of the Manufacturing USA Program Office. “Manufacturing USA is thrilled to see the Science + Innovation Awards reach a wider, more diverse viewership than originally anticipated.” 

 Those attending the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago this September can stop by the Science + Innovation Awards Booth # 215531 to find out more!

And keep an eye out for more announcements about the “Science + Innovation Awards inspired by Manufacturing USA” coming soon!

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