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Thank You to the NIIMBL Community as We Celebrate Our Second Anniversary

A little over two years ago, NIIMBL began with a vision to accelerate biopharmaceutical manufacturing innovation in the United States. Stakeholders from all areas of the biopharmaceutical community have come together to put that vision into motion. The community has focused on the technologies and training programs that will not only strengthen our economy but also contribute to improved health outcomes for all patients.


This month, NIIMBL celebrates its second anniversary. Thanks to the enthusiasm and engagement of our diverse community, NIIMBL has grown into the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing consortium in the world. NIIMBL members are exploring new ideas and tackling shared industry challenges as a community. This collaborative approach is the strength of the Institute. We are grateful for your sustained support over these past two years.


During our second year, the Institute has achieved several milestones. Some of the highlights include:

  • Our project portfolio has grown to include 44 technology and workforce projects with a total value of nearly $45 million dollars. The projects include 69 unique organizations, of which nearly 35% are small-to-medium manufactures. 
  • We welcomed MedImmune, Sartorius, and Pfizer as members to our growing community of 113 members. Much of this growth can be attributed to our community who have served as valuable advocates for the Institute and the great things we’re working toward through our collaborative efforts.
  • NIIMBL issued project calls in May and November. In all, nearly 200 cutting-edge concepts were submitted. Members participated in two Project Call Summits in May 2018 and February 2019 to present their ideas and partner with other NIIMBL members.
  • Thanks to the time and commitment of members and non-members, NIIMBL published technology roadmaps for gene therapy, ADCs/bispecifics, and vaccines in November. In January 2019, work commenced on the next set of roadmaps.
  • The National Meeting in May drew more 400 stakeholders from across the biopharmaceutical ecosystem and federal agencies. In addition to inspiring remarks from government and industry leaders, more than 60 posters and 30 oral presentations from academics and small companies highlighted the open day. Projects presentations, technology and workforce workshops and topic-focused sessions were featured during the members-only day.
  • Our industry partners graciously hosted four technology workshops focused on pertinent topics in biomanufacturing: Process Innovations for biologics; Analytical Technology, Modeling, and Control; Cell Therapy Manufacturing Innovation; and Adventitious Agent Detection Methods and Controls.
  • In January 2019, we announced a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish a global health fund to support the development of new technologies that reduce the cost of manufacturing vaccines.
  • NIIMBL partners have responded enthusiastically to the NIIMBL eXperience initiative. Announced in September 2018, the program aims to give under-served student populations a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of a career in the biopharmaceutical industry. In June 2019, students will travel to a number of host locations for hands-on experience in the biopharma industry.


All of these activities are only possible with the sustained commitment of the NIIMBL community. We express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your continued involvement. From participating at events, to submitting concepts and proposals, to executing on state-of-the-art projects, your commitment, participation, and expertise is the essential component of the Institute’s success.


We also express our appreciation to our colleagues at NIST, the Department of Commerce and the Manufacturing USA network for their support of NIIMBL and their commitment to strengthening advanced manufacturing in the United States.


We are excited by what’s to come as we enter our third year. We look forward to new opportunities as, together, we catalyze innovation to improve human health.

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