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Vision Workshop Kicks Off Next Roadmapping Cycle

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NIIMBL began the next cycle of its biopharmaceutical roadmapping initiative on January 23 when it hosted a Vision Workshop at North Carolina State University. The Vision Workshop, facilitated by the BioPhorum Operations Group, brought together representatives from industry and academia to discuss potential roadmapping topics for 2019.

Conversations focused on the results of a heat map exercise participants completed prior to the workshop in which they ranked priority areas based on the collective feedback of their organizations. Over the next several weeks, NIIMBL and BioPhorum will review the ideas brought forth during the discussion and determine the priority topics for the next set of NIIMBL roadmaps.

After the topics are finalized, NIIMBL will facilitate the formation of teams that will explore these areas in-depth. The teams will collaborate on the roadmap documents throughout 2019. 

The NIIMBL roadmap program is an open process. Individuals from NIIMBL member and non-member organizations are invited to contribute. Interested participants should contact Arpan Mukherjee at for more information.

In November 2018, NIIMBL published roadmaps on gene therapy, ADCs/bispecifics, and vaccines. NIIMBL roadmaps focus on the technology needs of the biopharmaceutical industry and are designed to complement existing roadmaps. The roadmap initiative provides key guiding themes for the portfolio of NIIMBL investments to advance biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and also provides an environment for stakeholders from industry, academia, and government to discuss shared challenges and work together toward transformative solutions.

The NIIMBL roadmaps are available as a resource to the entire biopharmaceutical community. Download the NIIMBL roadmaps here.

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