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Testbed to Support NIIMBL Vaccine Analytics and Assays Center of Excellence

The focus of this project is to deliver a testbed to support a NIIMBL Vaccine Analytics and Assays Center of Excellence, allowing the community to better prepare for and respond to future coronavirus needs regarding drug product development, manufacturing
Equipment and Supplies

Industry Need

  • Continue to develop new techniques and solutions for making coronavirus vaccines more quickly and widely available to a broad US population 


NIIMBL will develop a testbed to support the Vaccine Analytics and Assays Center of Excellence. The testbed will include relevant technology / instruments from small to medium manufacturers (SMMs), (e.g., already identified within NIIMBL and leveraging from prior NIIMBL investments). 

It will also include supporting infrastructure around cell culture needed to support cell-based potency and stability assays that can help bridge between animal-based tests, as well as create new higher throughput in vitro tests to address many issues across a range of vaccine modalities. 

Outcomes and Impacts

The project will enable unprecedented collaboration opportunities for vaccine innovators, SMMs and academics to converge on key techniques and fill gaps for making coronavirus vaccines more quickly and widely available to a broad US population.

The facility and equipment will be available for NIIMBL members to assess techniques and facilitate training and knowledge for implementation on a company-by-company basis that will positively impact the overall US preparedness and response to future pandemics.

Updates, Related Publications, and Deliverables

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