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WORDE: A Biopharmaceutical Training Center to Promote Development of the Workforce, Outreach, Research, Diversity, and Education

Establishment of the WorDE Institute accomplished through faculty professional development and course development ultimately leading to a concentration in Biomanufacturing and Technology (BMT) at Delaware State University.
Talent/ Pipeline development
Project status
100% Completed


Performance Period: 9/1/2020 to 2/28/2022

This project will synergize the efforts among three institutions/company (Delaware State University, Montgomery County Community College, and Merck & Co.) to facilitate the establishment of the WorDE Institute through faculty professional development and course development which will ultimately lead to a concentration in Biomanufacturing and Technology (BMT) at Delaware State University. The WorDE Institute will support the on-site development of Biopharmaceutical Workforce, Outreach, Research, Diversity, & Education at Delaware State University by providing courses, summer k-12 teacher workshops, as well as serving as a point of contact for biopharmaceutical industry student shadowing experiences, internships and coops. The biopharmaceutical industry supports the discovery, developments, and marketing approval of products designed to positively impact human health.

Well-educated and highly skilled individuals are required along all steps of a biopharmaceutical pipeline from discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery. This pipeline has historically been underrepresented with racial and ethnic minorities. Delaware State University is a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) which also operates an early college high school. Montgomery County Community College is an institution in Pennsylvania with a proven track record of curriculum design for the biopharmaceutical industry. Merck & Co. is an American multinational pharmaceutical company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. These three entities are poised to lay the foundation for the WorDE Institute. The Institute will address the need of skill-set ready workers, improve the recruitment of women and minorities, and create innovative ways to keep K-12 students interested in STEM and biopharmaceutical careers.

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Delaware State University

Delaware State University

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Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC

Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC

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