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NIIMBL Announces New Industry Membership Tiers

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) has announced new industry membership tiers. The new membership tiers provide flexible options for companies to engage with the Institute.


As part of these enhanced offerings, NIIMBL has introduced Affiliate Gold, Affiliate Silver, and Affiliate Bronze membership options. Each Affiliate level allows a company take advantage of the many benefits associated with NIIMBL membership including access to member-only events and workshops, networking and partnership opportunities, regular updates on technology and workforce project progress, and the diverse expertise of its membership Affiliate members will also be able to participate on a select number of NIIMBL-funded projects and receive the associated IP benefits from those projects.


In addition to the new Affiliate memberships, NIIMBL has added new benefits to its existing membership levels. Tier 1 members will now have an additional seat on the Regulatory Considerations Committee and also be able to name up to three small to medium businesses that can join NIIMBL with a waived membership fee. Tier 2 industry members also have updated benefits to foster increased NIIMBL engagement.


All industry members have the opportunity to participate in Institute activities and provide input on technology priorities.


With more than 100 organizations and dozens of projects, NIIMBL has seen tremendous growth in membership and activity over the past year. The new tier structure provides greater access to institute activities and projects to even more companies.


For more information, included a breakdown of member levels and additional benefits, please visit our membership information page or contact us at

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