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Development of Small Molecule Formulations for Enhanced Production of CAR-T Cell Therapies

This project targets challenges in biomanufacturing of cell and gene therapies, addressing inherent complexities and variabilities in biologically based production systems.
Cell and Gene therapies
Project status
3% Completed

Industry Need

Manufacturing of CAR-T therapies is a complex process with high costs and variability that require limitations to be overcome – production of LVV and LVV transduction of target cells. 


Boosting LVV yields coupled with enhanced transduction efficiency can provide significant benefits for efficiency of CAR-T production, reducing manufacturing COGs, manufacturing timelines, overall product quality and patient access

Data package generated would provide test-case and GMP ready baseline process for more cost-effective production of cell therapies. This project will de-risk adoption of VSE™ by AstraZeneca and other developers of cell therapies

VSE formulations would be available for access by NIIMBL community and global biomanufacturing sector through supply agreement as appropriate

Reduction in the costs of therapies, improvements in quality of life for patients affected by chronic diseases and economic growth will all result from this project, and all align well with general government initiatives in Canada and the US.

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Project Lead

Virica Biotech Inc.

Virica Biotech Inc.

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Sartorius Stedim

Sartorius Stedim